How To Price Your Bakes For Good Profit


How To Price Your Bakes For Profit Guide

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Working hard baking beautiful bakes but not sure how to make a adequate profit? ​It's a common question I'm asked by my students.It can be hard to charge not only correctly and so that you're earning profit! It's so important to get right​ from the beginning. ​!In this guide I will help you to understand how you work out just how much you should charg​e​ so that you can make a profit from your bakes.

  • How you can ensure your charging correctly for all types of bakes.
  • How to charge correctly for your time.
  • All the things you must stake into consideration when working out your costs.
  • Gain confidence in running your business.

My goal is to help you run a happy successful profit making business and boost your baking business confidence in the process. The goal is to earn money from your passion for baking!

My aim in this guide is to increase your confidence and give you the knowledge to charge properly. By doing this, you are living the cake dream!